Friday, July 3, 2009

Baby First Tv

I am sooo in love with this channel and it was well worth paying extra for. 100% geared for babies and toddlers ONLY..and it's 24/7 programming and at night, it goes to music with colorful backgrounds, so you could play it in the nursery. I don't have that option yet but would love to just for the music alone. While Benjamin doesn't watch it all day, he gets his morning dose and loves it. I need to video him soon. It's trully worth having !!! Check it out online !!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kirklands...can we say addiction?

Ok ok..I don't normally jump on sales...right away at least. I did and I am glad that I jumped on the 4th of July sales bandwagon. I sooo need to do that more often, lol. And to top it off, I had all 5 of our children with me and pushed a double umbrella stroller with ease through that store as well. Can we super ASIAN mom?? haha..I so punny, I know. Anyways..I suggest taking advantage of the sale, it goes from today through Sunday !! Happy Shopping !! ;)~~
Welcome to The Richardson Family Blog !! Blogging is fairly new to me so bare with me, lol. Not sure where to start exactly but I'll just pick up on this Summer. So far it is a HOT one with the humidity combined with the heat here in NC !! The kids want to play outdoors but not too soon after they are out, they want right back indoors and I totally understand as I did that growing up too. But when I was growing up there were more freedoms to being a child. What I mean is that I could go down the street and play all day without my mom having a care in the world. These days, you can't do that with all that is going on in the world these days. I am getting brave and allowing Brennan (8) and Laurel (6) to ride their bikes around the neighborhood as I walk. I still get nervous and call out to them when I can't see them, lol. We have been enjoying the water guns I bought and I can't wait to do a major sneak attack on them when they are not expecting it. But with 5 kids, that will probably come about with them sneak attacking me, lol. Ben will be home soon from England and we will have but a few weeks before he deploys. SIGH....I want to fall apart just thinking about it. I will blog about that another time ;) So back to when he gets back from England...we are planning on hitting up Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg and maybe Virginia Beach. I think this trip offers something for all of us and Kari (2) will be super excited to go to Sesaame Street Village there and we are all excited to ride rides. Well...Ben will do the slower paced ones. Never really understood that one. He will jump out of an airplane but says NO WAY to coasters and rides that flip and go upside down where I am saying BRING IT ON !! Yes, Dee Dee has never fully grown up. I could put my hair in pig tails and be called a kid or end up looking like an exchange student, haha. Alrighty, motherhood duties are calling even though I was really enjoying the CEO aspects of managing our family for just a bit, I will be back to blog later and add some pictures !! Thanks for stopping by !!